Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tip Tuesday

Today's tip is to always eat breakfast (but a donut is not nutritious, I just wanted to have a good photo to start with.) I met someone tonight who works at a grocery store and is there very early in the morning, which is where she buys her breakfast. On the spot, I tried to come up with healthier ideas besides the three slices of bacon she has been eating. I offered oatmeal and yogurt but she didn't like either idea. Whole wheat toast came up but this store doesn't have a toaster. 

Here is a list of breakfasts that I have in rotation or previously enjoyed:
Oatmeal (a variety of flavors and quick or steel cut)
Meal replacement shake (chocolate is my fave but I haven't had it in a year)
Special K breakfast sandwiches
Starbucks turkey bacon sandwich
Homemade fiber one muffins
Two eggs cooked at home with Pam

Here's a list of other ideas that I have not eaten but would be a good choice:
Cottage cheese
Whole wheat toast with honey
Egg white omelet
Crust less quiche
Cold cereal with fat free milk (this is not in my rotation because I find the serving sizes are usually too small to be satisfying.)
What do you eat for breakfast? Are you currently skipping it? I'd recommend against skipping breakfast because your body needs fuel to have energy. Breakfast is also useful for getting your metabolism started each morning. When you wake up, your body is depleted of nutrients and energy. You might not know it or feel it, but you do need breakfast.

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  1. I lost over 10 lbs after I quite smoking & since 2 knee surgeries put it back on; I have made my mind up to loose it again. Oatmeal or toast & PB I have for breakfast, along with fruit or yogurt :)


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