Friday, December 13, 2013

Silly Saturday

A truck/van story

2004, we bought a 1991 Toyota Previa from a dealership in Hawaii. Within two days of ownership, I rubbed the van up against a yellow pole in a parking garage. Hubby was not too happy with me. The middle seat was quickly repurposed to be a couch for at least a year. This was our beach van, until we moved back to the continental United States. We shipped it back to Washington and it turned into a camping/ski van. 

With its age, AC was not really there. I had the "pleasure" of driving from Portland Oregon to Denver Colorado in the middle of august.  On my second day of the road trip, I left at 4am to avoid some of the heat. As it turned out the ski van needed snow tires to truly be snow worthy. This was discovered on our first attempt to Eldora. 

Eggy, McBee, Previa, Wonder bread, and van were all nicknames we affectionately used for our shred for pm of transportation. We shared this van for five years until I graciously allowed my husband to get a masters degree in Oklahoma, while I held down the fort in Colorado for two miserable years.

We went through a lot.

With my job moving approximately 20 miles away and Eggy needing new tires, we decided it was time to upgrade. A truck seemed appropriate and with our family size a standard cab was necessary. Just the vehicle to keep for a long time and give us transportation for years to come.

Such a beautiful truck and it's silly how much I love it. Granted, it is a 2013 and has features the Previa was much too tired to provide.  Having shocks and air conditioning is a blessing and I love it! A spot for hauling my piano or bike is pretty awesome. I thought I could make this a funny story but I can't. The Previa was good to us and the Taco will be too (nickname for Tacoma.) Please come back Tuesday for another weight loss tip!

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