Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel Tuesday

Relishing in the memories of fantastic trips gone by, I have come to the conclusion that we have brought home some priceless souvenirs. From Egypt, we brought a papyrus painting, a hollow wooden cat, shells from Alexandria, and a wooden scarab beetle. From Australia, we brought photos of us with precious animals at the Australia zoo and a boomerang. From Greece, we brought home a painting and an old photograph of Greece, an olive wood cutting board and wine bottle holder, and a religious icon made by monks with gold. From Jamaica, we brought home a king and queen conch shells and a wooden parrot.

Our home is filled with precious memories of amazing adventures conquered. It is eclectic and interesting. I'm glad we've amassed such a great collection of souvenirs. 

This photo is filled with Kirby, Rascal from Egypt, two conch shells, a turret and decorative tea pot from Turkey. Kirby likes to sit next to Rascal just like this. 
Kirby, Chomps, the Egyptian papyrus painting and the Greek icon by Chomps head. Do you have any cool souvenirs?

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