Saturday, September 14, 2013

Missing blogger

Dear friends,
I have been missing from the blog world and that's a bit sad to me. On the hand, I've dedicated much of my time to playing the piano. I'd love to say I'm perfecting my craft but that would be impossible. I'm no piano prodigy. 

The piano and I go back. Way back to when I was a mere 7 years old and pushed into lessons by my mom. She would sit me in front of the piano and tell me to practice, otherwise I'd just play. I remember doing my theory homework on the ride to the lesson.

Fast forward to the summer before high school. It had been about 2 years since I had piano lessons and the church youth group was needing somebody to play for Wednesday worship. I knew that I wanted to play but didn't know how to read the charts. The pastor got me lessons and I embarked on the journey. Tons of practice, memorization, and frustration ensued. 

Breaks from the piano are pretty normal but this last break was long. About 6 years long. A year ago, I joined a band and we've been blessed with gigs all over: Dallas, Branson, Fayetteville, and naturally every where in Oklahoma, where we are based. I'm also starting to play for People's Church, which is awesome! 

While I may not be blogging much at all, I am fulfilling my purpose. I am a musician and I am happy to say that. Check me out on YouTube at esthernorinedesigns.

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