Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Blog Hop Edition

Dear Friends,
It was with great trepidation, I drove to work this morning. I am further north from the destruction but my heart still aches. The dark storm clouds covered the sunrise and there was lightening. I know God has brought me here but my finite wisdom can't see the bigger picture. I will continue to pray for those hurting and I expecting healing will come.
Welcome to Travel Tuesday!
This is a link up that was originally started by Helene and she needed to take a break. I am not done sharing my travel stories and wanted to keep the blog hop/linky fun going on. Please be kind to link your story below, visit a new blogger, and grab my little button for your post.
I am looking for co-hosts to join me with Travel Tuesdays. Please comment below if you're interested.
The Egyptian adventure continues.
When in Egypt, all tourist must visit the pyramids. It was easy to book a trip with the concierge. We were warned in advance that the tour guides would take us to "schools" where children learned to make rugs and sell said rugs. There were also the essential oils, papayrus art, and other knicknacks. The pyramids were impressive and massive!
These were the early step pyramids.

In the background, you may be able to notice the city of Cairo. These are the huge famous pyramids, built with blocks bigger than camels. Seriously, its a climb to get to the first level. We got to go inside one of these pyramids but photos were not allowed and certainly all the artifacts had been moved to the Egyptian Museum.  The sphinx was much smaller than I had anticipated.

I thought for sure it was pyramid sized but in reality its about a third the size of a pyramid. Impressive but not as much so. Oddly enough, there was a Pizza Hut/KFC directly across the parking lot and street from the sphinx. Perhaps you can see it in the photo below.

There is more to share of Egypt including the dinner cruise, hanging out with bedoins, and Alexandria. The adventure continues next week. Please link up your travel stories below and stay tuned for weight loss wednesday.


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