Monday, May 20, 2013

Make A Difference Monday


 How would you like to help save three people's lives? It's possible if you give blood. Personally, I hate blood and needles. Any sort of subject including death, hospitals, and blood makes me very queasy. My mom dreamed of my career as a nurse but it never happened. I couldn't get over the queasiness that overtakes me.

How do I give blood? I always have the entire arm covered. My eyes are closed tightly when inserting and removing the needle. I get a little grossed out when I see the blood. I squeeze the heart (or whatever is handed to me) as much as I can. I want the donation process over. My reward is cookies. I can eat 1000 calories in cookies and not gain weight. The cookies replace the blood. The true reward is saving lives but ultimately I'm more excited about the cookies. Giving back is a selfish venture, no matter what people say.

I've given blood in Colorado with Bonfils. Here in Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Blood Institute has me down as a donor. Apparently, my B Positive blood is on demand. I'm going to give them a call and see if there's time at lunch. 

How do you give back? Do you know giving back can be anything that you want to do? Please stay tuned for Travel Tuesday the link up edition!


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