Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel Tuesday:Egyptian Adventure

Welcome to travel Tuesday: Egyptian adventure. In May of 2006, we took a two week trip to Cairo Egypt. At the time, it was a safe place to visit and I'm sure it will be again. People and politics need to settle first.

Getting there was a long trip. We went through Italy with Alitalia. Our layover was in Rome and there was little English assistance. We made it through a couple of lines and boarded our flight with very little tv to watch. When flying international, nearly all flights offer snacks. On Alitalia, we were offered mystery meat and pickled mystery vegetables. I gave it a try but found some foods to be too salty.

Getting through customs in Cairo was confusing. In the first line we were pointed to go to another kiosk. The best I understood was that we needed to purchase stamps to get through customs. In my header, is those very same stamps. Getting in the cab was fairly easy but driving through the city was scary. There's no lights and no way to harness the chaos. Drivers regularly honked as if to speak to each other (ie I'm coming over, get out of my way, come on over.) I could never imagine learning to drive in Cairo. Our first stop was the Hilton next to the Egyptian Museum.

Please stay tuned for weight loss Wednesday.

Helene in Between


  1. i would love to go to egypt! so cool!

  2. I would love to go to Egypt someday. What a cool experience!

  3. How exciting! Egypt seems like an amazing place to visit.

  4. Wow this is another place I would love to visit.


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