Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Welcome to weight loss Wednesday. I've enjoyed the guest posts for the last few weeks. Reading someone else's journey encourages me to keep moving along my journey.

This year, my highest weight was 139.8. When I saw that, I imagined a slippery slope which led me to mentally see 140 and then 150. I was over 150 in high school and when the stock market was crashing. (I used to be a stock broker but I don't have any tips.)

This mental slippery slope had me getting back to healthier eating and calorie counting. Strange fact: I did not change much nutritionally. I don't know what the difference is. This must be a mental battle and in order to win I must count calories. I am on myfitnesspal religiously through the week. I slack on the weekends but that has not been a problem.

I am at 135 now and feeling good. My shorts fit and I'm focusing on strength training. I am looking for guest posts. Please share your story with me! I would also love the opportunity to share my story, if you're up for a blog swap! ;) I'm linking up with Erin. Stay tuned for thankful Thursday.



  1. Wow, it sounds like you're in a good place... good for you! Logging everything into MFP is such a help for me... there's a direct connection with how well I do and whether or not I'm logging on MFP.

  2. You are in such a good place! :) Happy for you.

  3. Very jealous that you are in such a good place! I'll have to check out myfitnesspal

  4. Congrats !!! That is absolutely wonderful. I am staying at the same, however really not doing as much as I could to loose lately, other then beginning the squat challenge (which reminds me I should write down measurements again). I remember being 135, 125, & 118 for years .... the price of menopause *smile*

  5. Would love to swap with you. Your weight is around my goal weigh. Haven't been that in almost 10 years. Woah..


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