Monday, April 29, 2013

Make A Difference Monday

While I am currently pondering how I can make a difference in the future, here is two very good tips to help ease stress. Trust me, life is stressful and that never changes. Utilizing these two strategies can make your life less stressful and that feels marvelous!

Nothing eases tension than a good laugh. Comics, ecards, YouTube videos, anything that gets a chuckle or a smile. Perhaps I'm completely normal but I get a good laugh out of mythbusters bloopers when Adam or Tory hurt themselves. At least a little smile can make your day better.

2-Pet love
Do you have a cat or dog? Give them a lovefest and pet them. Run their belly and scratch their head. Obviously, they love the attention but maybe you don't know how easily the stress disappears. How can the day be bad when your kitty is purring and giving you a loving look? Trust me, a bad day can end on a good note from simply loving your pet.

I hope these simple tips will give you good days. Please stay tuned to travel Tuesdays. I'm recapping our Egyptian adventure.


  1. Laughing I love to do. Pets? you already know how many of those I have & they give me a laugh at least 2x a day. xx

  2. I love laughing, it's always the best medicine. :)


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