Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Guest Post Edition

Welcome to Weight Loss Wednesday! I would like to introduce you to somebody who has encouraged me and helped me stay on track. When I was thinking forgetting the working out or counting calories, this gal was all over me, with caps on, getting me back on track. She's great and has an awesome post for you today!

Hey y'all!
So here I be.
Wednesday's you can typically find me linking in with Erin & Alex for Weigh-In Wednesday.
E-Diddy wanted me to preferably talk about something health related so this works out quite nicely.
Without keeping you reading for days you can read my post I have yo-yo'd and dealt with serious weight loss issues all of my life.
Until the birth of my last child.
I finally said enough is enough and this time I meant business.
A little over 8 months ago before having this sweet little thing...
 I looked like this...
I was HUGE.
I was miserable.
I had been put on bed rest for toxemia from three months on.
I was depressed.
I don't know about y'all but when I am depressed I eat.
I eat A LOT.
On my 5'2 frame 265 pounds doesn't hide itself very well.
Literally as soon as I had delivered Miss P I was already thinking of ways to drop the weight.
I immediately starting throwing down H2O like it was my job and tracked what I ate.
Who knew?
So I took the leap and joined the gym in my building.
Yes, I have a gym.
Yes, I have worked at the same place for the past five years and never used it.
Moving right along.
I was determined to do it.
To actually stick with it this time.
I was tired of feeling so worn down and out of shape.
Not to mention feeling like the Michelin Man on the reg.
A few weeks in I officially
I could hardly believe it myself.

Once again this week I am still at the same number on the scale.
In prior years I would have given up at this point.
I mean I am not losing on the scale so surely this isn't working right?

I had a breakthrough today.
I have seemed to have a lot of those in this process and if you have ever went through it or are currently going through it then you know what I am talking about.
My first big one you can read about


Please take it from me that it is never too late to take control of your life.
Why start tomorrow?
Every minute is a new minute...
A new chance to succeed.

Thanks Marcy for sharing your breakthrough today! I am looking for more guest posts for Weight Loss Wednesday and Make A Difference Monday. Let me know if you have something to share. Please stay tuned for Thankful Thursday!



  1. The both of you are amazing! Marci, I loved reading your story. You're a strong example of dedication and hard work being all worth it!! Keep sharing your message, it's super motivating!

  2. So motivating Marcy, as always! Thanks for spreading the WIW love over here with your guest post! Love you girl!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved this Marci and E Diddy I adore you both.

  4. Great post Marcy. I currently feel exactly like you did eight months ago. I'm expecting my second child and seriously can't wait to start my weight loss journey. Enough is enough. I'll be visiting your blog for some inspiration.


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