Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel Tuesday

On our adventure through Australia, we came across an adorable town called Port Macquarie. It was nice enough that we stayed a few days on our way north and south. There's a pancake restaurant that was definitely Australian pancakes, small and tiny, compared to what we are accustomed to. There's a marvelous fish shack that served fresh fish on newsprint. We also came across a place that sold chicken completed marinated and ready for the grill. Our camper van came with cooking supplies and that was a wonderful meal.

It was June, when we made the trip and at moments it was cold outside. Once we were far enough north, temperatures were not a problem. We spent three weeks there and I do have more adventures to share with you. Stay tuned for next week and weight loss Wednesday tomorrow.


  1. How wonderful. I seem to be enjoying the Feedly, much better then the Bloglovin', Esther.

  2. It has always been a dream of mine to go there... someday! #bucketlist I will try my hardest to have my post to you tonight sometime but if I don't I will get it to you first thing in da mornin!

  3. This is the one place that I have always wanted to visit. Maybe one day. :)


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