Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly Saturday: List Edition

1-I'm loving the lists this week, how about you?
2-Hopefully, you caught some of my tweets at @esthernorine from last night. There will be more tonight.
3-I like to list things to do, things to look up, things to buy and so on. Am I alone?
4-I love my iPad but it doesn't replace the sweet computer.
5-I'm getting a top notch sweat in today after breakfast.
Final bit of silliness for you: ketchup. I cannot get enough ketchup on my fries.
Are you a ketchup fan or not so much?
 Please stay tuned for Serious Sunday, this is usually where I find something to complain about.
On second thought, skip Serious Sunday and come back for Make a Difference Monday.
Thanks for visiting.



  1. I love to list things!! I thought I was the only one who does that.

  2. Not a fan of ketchup. My kids are tho! They'll eat alone, no other food required. I'll have to check out your tweets and see what's up! Have fun with your workout, I miss mine soooo much!

  3. I love the always suspicious look cats give when you catch them grooming themselves.


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