Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Welcome to High Five For Friday, the beginning of the weekend. I don't usually count Friday as a typical work weekday since I'm ready to party down once I leave work. I hope you join me. Please follow me on twitter at @esthernorine for some tweeting fun. I usually fill everyone's stream with retweets of all kinds. There is no limit to what I'm retweeting and there's no rules.
Top Three 
1-I'm super excited to be blogging on my new computer (the geologists doesn't like to share sadly.)
2-I'm having breakfast tomorrow with a friend at a crazy vegetarian cafe. It will be fun to catch up and eat yummy food.
3-I love hanging out with my geologist. We have tons of fun together.
Alrighty, its your turn to share your top three! I love reading your comments. Linking up with top blogger Lauren at From My Grey Desk
Please stay tuned for Silly Saturday!

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