Monday, February 4, 2013

Make a Difference Monday

Dear friends, welcome to make a difference Monday. My goal is to make a positive impact in my community for selfish reasons. I'll be the first to admit, helping others feels good. Saturday, I volunteered at a race in order to earn a free race later. Many runners appreciated the hot chocolate, coffee and chicken stew that I served up. I didn't make any of it either! It was a cold day and I came prepared to stir soup. The day was a success for the most part. If you have a story to share of giving back, paying it forward, helping others, or a non-profit that you'd like to share please email me. My experience is limited and I'd love to learn about yours. Thank you and please stay tuned for weight loss Wednesday (possibly top pick Tuesday as well.)

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  1. I love that you volunteered. I love the feeling of helping others now matter how big or small. :)


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