Friday, February 1, 2013

Silly Saturday

Dear friends,
It's been a long and hard two weeks of training. I feel accomplished. I had mixed feelings as I was leaving Phoenix. Sad, that I'd miss my friends and nobody was going to the airport with me. Happy, to get home and be with my sweet kitties and hubby.

I didn't buy any souvenirs but I wanted to. Magnets, stickers, key chains. I gravitate to the cheap stuff. What sort of souvenirs do you like to buy?


  1. I actually collect spoons, so I always go searching for ones in new cities. :)

  2. R u home now? I miss you a whole lot! xoxo

  3. I love collecting crazy things from places i visit! When i went to NY with one of my best friends i picked up bowl spray. It makes the toilet smell good when your down ;) lol Classy huh? Glad to have ya on my sidebar!



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