Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday top ten

I am thankful for....
1-cloudy days. Coming from the land of liquid sunshine a good cloudy day warms my soul.
2-a warm cup of tea.
3-loving family. God has blessed me with a wonderful immediate family in the middle of the larger chaotic family.
4-good food and a good home. I am not in need of the essentials. There has been a time when I couldn't afford enough food, not a shining moment in my memories.
5-fun times. I relish the memories of games, long conversations, inside jokes, and good times.
6-passionate kitties. You never know what commitment you've made when you get a pet but ours are sweeties.
7-good friends. I count these awesome people as my family. Some live close and others are far away but I love all my friends. I need to tell them more often!
8-music. Listening or playing. Music is a part of my life.
9-art. I am blessed to have some creativeness in me. Thank You Lord for allowing me to share.
10-God. His mercy, wisdom, grace, and strength is more than I deserve. Yet I receive Him with open arms.

What are you thankful for? Please stay tuned for high five for Friday.

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  1. These are all wonderful! Wishing you a very Happy Thursday!


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