Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top Twenty in 2012 Tuesday

Thanks to Shanna at Because Shanna Said So, for giving me such a fun idea!
Thanks Shanna!
Esther's Top Twenty in 2012
20: Good food and kitchen success. I've had good times and bad times in the kitchen. I try to focus on the good.
19: Sweet kitties, Chomps and Kirby (even though they are super annoying too.)
18: Biking, such a fun activity! I hate it when its over and I love to pair biking with pub crawls.
17: Photography, I love to take photos of everything!
16: Boat rides and hanging out in the lake. I didn't get enough of it in 2012 but I got a good taste.
15: Walking around downtown and urban living. Its great to not have to drive and deal with traffic or parking.
14: Face Time on iPhones. I can see my family whenever they have time and I do too.
13: Blogging has been a blast and encouraging!
12: Live music, whether I'm playing or going to a show. Its all fantastic!
11: Cupcakes were a big feature this year until my teeth gave out on me.
10: Girls Night! Woohoo!
9: Good friends to hang out with and visit with. We've had some good times this year.
8: Christmas season! I love the holidays every year.
7: July! My birthday and our anniversary and his birthday. Its always a good time.
6: Races, I am getting faster. Then slower. Then faster again.
5: Vacation...this year was epic!
4: Piano.
3: Getting a new job!
2: Loving on my husband!
1: God. Its a miracle I survive the trials and tribulations. I attribute it all to God.
Whew! Long list! Now for some fun foody pics.

Merry Christmas!
Please stay tuned for Weight Loss Wednesday.

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