Sunday, December 16, 2012

Serious Sunday

 Welcome to Serious Sunday. Today, I'd like to share some blog-working ideas. I wish all bloggers had GFC or bloglovin. It would make following everybody so much easier. I wish all bloggers would remove the word verification on the comments, also to make things easier. I would like to link up with more bloggers especially for Weight Loss Wednesdays. Finally, I wish the blogger app for iphone and ipad was much easier to use. I don't always have my computer next to me when I want to blog.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I hope you find it entertaining and come back often.
Please stay tuned for Make a Difference Monday.


  1. Word Verification is like my pet peave! During the day I do a lot of blog reading/commenting from my phone and those little pictures that blogger uses to make sure I'm not a robot drive me bonkers. If you have them I probably don't comment. Do you know what else drives me CRAZY! People who have their email set to no-reply blogger. Nothing like getting an awesome comment and not being able to comment back!

  2. I have to look up Bloglovin and the no reply thing. I can't stand the verification!

  3. The verification doesn't bother me that much, but I do hate when a blog doesn't have GFC...I like it when it's easy to follow!


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