Sunday, November 4, 2012

Serious Sunday

Its a serious Sunday. I believe this blog to be an entertainment blog, especially with all the fun photos I post. I also have used this blog as a form of therapy and at times find that I still need assistance with stress relief.
"Don't be afraid of failure"
Have you heard that phrase or something similar? I most certainly have. My question to the universe is, how can I be afraid of failure in the midst of feeling like a failure?
There I said it.
I feel like a failure.
I spent three years studying and working on an MBA in Finance. Once I graduated, I couldn't find a job with my degree but I already had one and knew that I would be moving within a couple of years. Then I moved. The best job I could obtain was a customer service/sales job. What was all that work for? Why do I have to pay a mortgage sized student loan payment with a baby paycheck? My boss keeps telling me that my paycheck can be better if I sell more. I'm not impressed, interested or motivated any longer. After securing this job, I continued the hunt; actively and aggressively looked for a new job. I was ignored by every company. I paid hundreds of dollars for a streamlined professionally written resume and found nothing but more sales jobs. I found a placement agency that is looking for work for me and has sent me on some interviews but still nothing has transpired.
I can't do it on my own.
I can't find a job with a placement agency.
I need a miracle from God.
If God can erase three of my sister's medical bills, couldn't he also erase student loans?
Dear Lord, I know you have a plan. I know its your timing. I know that I am getting tired of the depressing view in my life. Please come. Please show me your miracles. Thank you and Amen.
Dear Bloggy Friends,
Please come back tomorrow, where I promise to be more positive for Make a Difference Monday.
Thank you!

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  1. Hugs friend! You will find something that is perfect for you, I know you will!


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