Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips to manage stress at work

Please check out this blog post by Dr. Walt West because it has some really great tips for reducing stress at work. One of my favorite on his list is get a laugh. I'm always looking for things that I find funny because laughing releases pent up energy. It feels so good and its fun too! Even a little chuckle helps me feel a bit less stressed. I also find that when I'm really feeling stressed out, its partly because my blood sugar is low. After eating, I feel so much better and not stressed. There have been times when I was in a panic over something at work but it melted away once I got some food. He also mentions getting a favorite beverage and I completely agree. Drinking a favorite beverage helps me feel good. His list tip was to get comfortable. I'm a big believer in reducing stress by petting a furry friend. I have two cats at home and when I come home from a stressful day, the pent up energy melts away while I'm petting one of them. Pets know how to take care of us, so its important that we take good care of them. Please read the blog post because there are other useful tips that I didn't mention.

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