Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My favorite activities

These are my top ten favorite activities to relax and unwind after a stressful day.
1: Writing- usually about anything,
2: Reading - I like to read books that help me learn about myself and interesting subjects,
3: Music - I love playing the piano and listening to music,
4: Tv watching - favorite shows include Biggest loser and Extreme Makeover Home Edition,
5: Crocheting - I like to make scarves and give the finished product away to the needy,
6: Walking - I like going out for a walk, a run, or a hike in the forest,
7: Biking - I love going out on my bike and hitting the road. Its so freeing!,
8: Photography - I love taking photos of architecture, food, and flowers,
9: Shopping - I don't even need to buy anything. Sometimes its just relaxing to browse,
10: Hydrating - tea at Starbucks, or relaxing with a beer or wine at a nice bar. Its hard not to feel relaxed after hydrating.

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