Friday, October 14, 2011

Prepare for the weekend

There’s a chance I started the weekend last night since I enjoyed a rooftop party with some new friends. It was great talking about Portland, Oregon, public transit, and art. I am very excited to participate in this years Race for the Cure in Bricktown. I’ve been preparing by running most days for the past month.

My planning and preparations won’t end there. I am looking forward to participating in the local art community. I’ve been looking for a grant to present some of my best photos. Hopefully soon, I will add artist to my list of accomplishments.

Finally in honor of reducing stress, I recommend listening to music and doing a mindless relaxing activity. Yesterday was quite stressful and I look forward to my tunes, a good book at lunch, and a nice run after work. Today will be a good day because I decided it. We all have control over our own thoughts. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your wisdom and patience with me as I continue to learn how to honor you in my life. Amen!

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