Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today’s rating is Positive.

As I think about the last two years of my life, I can see that it was incredibly stressful. What is interesting to me is that the stress hasn’t changed or left but I have been able to change my frame of mind. Generally, I am a positive person but I can’t maintain that focus all the time. If I lose concentration, things can go downhill fast for me.

The only change I’ve made is reaching out to friends and family. Literally, I forced myself to email at least one person or text a different person. I had to force myself to stay in touch because I found that I was too lazy, complacent, and content to stay miserable. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. I still have challenges to overcome but I am able to make it through with my family, friends, and God.

Thank you Lord for the connections that you have blessed me with. I could not live without relationships.

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