Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book review by Kristin and Oakie Wine Club

My blog BFF, Kristin, wrote her review of Ryan Christopher's book, "A Man Between Sunset and Wisteria" Please check it out!
Now the wine club is getting more organized and my initial thought was that I'd be disinterested in the club as it becomes more formal. 
So far, I don't feel that way. 
This meeting was dessert wines paired with dessert. It was quite delicious but I noticed the dessert wines were quite strong. 
I had 5 different samples but couldn't keep drinking any more from there. 
I may have tried all the desserts too which could bring an unfortunate weigh in tomorrow. I'm drinking sparkling water now to hydrate before going to bed. We are planning a French wine pairing dinner at Picasso Cafe for the club. That will be tons of fun! I'm also hoping to convince Ryan to design a logo for the club. 
On a separate note, my ankle has not been nice to me today and I still canceled my doctors appointment because I don't like his schedule. I may decide to schedule later, depending on my ankle and training. 

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