Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daily life and Sandals Barbados

It's rough getting up at 3am to leave Barbados. Then getting home, I thought about skipping the routine and the gym. I almost talked myself out of it but I rallied and made it to the gym anyways. 
I wanted to share my room with you. It was an awesome room!
The porch came with a soaking tub which was fantastic! The first time we put water in that was too hot. The second time, we used lukewarm water which was better. 
He view was rediculous and this photo looks fake but it's not! That pool was a sweet winding river around the rooms. Everyone could use it. 
The shower was awesome with two heads, a rain head and a regular. There was also a painting that moved to reveal a window into the shower. So sexy! Also, I won the Yahtzee tournament. 

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