Friday, November 20, 2015

Stuff and things

I'm linking up with Kristin at Stuff and Things and Joey at Hodges Podges for the weekly Stuff and Things link up. Yes, I'm late. 
I'll be in this bloggers forum on Saturday and I am soooo excited! Here's the link to the full expo schedule: (just copy and paste). 
The half marathon training is going well and I'm confident Sunday will be great. I'm not sure about the weather. 
Tonight was a full night of the Pack Pint and the burger/shake. 
The it was off to the Red Earth Brewers club meeting where we discussed brewing beer and upcoming events. 
Me and the champion of last quarter's competition. My beer didn't win. It was my second attempt. There will be future competitions. 
Beth made cupcakes. 
Don't forget, I brew my beer in small batches and bottle it in pink bottles. Apparently people don't like the donut beers from Rogue. I do, especially the maple bacon donut ale. 
I've turned down cupcakes twice this week. Winning! My weight loss has plateaued and turned into maintenance. I struggle with that though because I am sure my bmi is on the high side and sometimes I feel like a busted can of biscuits in my clothes. 
Now is not the time to lose though. Holiday season is not friendly to dieters. I am thinking of picking one thing, maybe baked goods (maybe) to help battle the bulge. What are you doing to make it through the holidays?


  1. So awesome that you brew your own beer! Great job foregoing all the desserts. I chalk Thanksgiving up as a free day as far as that goes but I do try to get some activity in. This year I'm participating in a virtual turkey trot so that should help combat some of the calories at least!

  2. You are going to do great on your half!!! :)


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