Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Intagrams and disappointment

I have had disappointments at work and home. While I can mull over these events and wallow in misery, I prefer to focus on positive things. 
I ran Color Me Rad on Sunday. That was a blast!
I recently discovered Youversion's verse in a photo option. This is my photo and I don't know what I was trying to capture but it made a great background for this verse. It's helped me to read a verse a day because I keep making these photos.
I will be brewing another batch of beer. Yay! Beer!
Soon, I will be returning to paradise. Packing will commence this weekend. I hope to have it all done by Sunday so as to not be stressed out. The economy and more specifically the oil industry is enough stress. I don't need more.
This guy is loving and sweet. 
This guy needs drugs or his vocal chords removed.

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