Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oklahoma Craft Beer Week

The Red Earth Brewers hosted a craft beer forum in honor of Oklahoma Craft Beer week. The finale of this week will be at TapWerks for the Oklahoma Craft Beer festival. I'm praying for good weather. 
The forum was held at DC on Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City. It was a little bit of a walk but we managed to get there and have a afternoon.
The cups were really cute. I love a good beer cup. The weather was questionable so it was risky walking there and back. In the end we had no issues. At the time we were in a tornado watch. It's a crazy time of year in Oklahoma. 
Blue is not one to smile for my photos. 
All the beers were home brewed in Oklahoma and I enjoyed what I tasted. There was so much beer that I didn't taste it all. It was a relatively small and laid back event.
Before heading home, we walked to Sauced for a little patio and pizza and another beer. At that point we had walked around 5 miles and I thought the pizza was earned and delicious. We discovered today that Sauced has a basement, which is good to know this time of year. I needed to know where a shelter is at and its 2 blocks away.
The next post will be my new training schedule. There will be a post on the craft beer festival too.

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  1. How fun is this?! I love stuff like this even though I'm not a fan of beer.


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