Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I'm doing the happy dance while I'm listening to "Happy" from Pharrell because I lost 1.6 pounds in 2 weeks!! That means I lost weight on vacation! How is that possible? Truly, I don't know the full reason.

My strategies included, no cheese and try to avoid dairy. I didn't have any cheese! Avoiding dairy all together was not entirely possible (Hello, red velvet cake, which I ate one amazing bite of.) Breakfast included proteins (eggs, bacon, sausage, and my new favorite smoked salmon) and fruit (mostly melons.) Finally, I did my very best to avoid bread. I forgot during one dinner and helped out on the bread basket. I still went hog wild on the drinks but I tried to keep it more towards rum and diet. 

I loved the drinks there! Reggae tops, banana daiquiri's, purple rain, blue hawaiian, and then of course the local beer and wine. Why not have wine with dinner or lunch or both? All inclusive resorts are the best. 

I almost forgot to mention mimosa's. I'll need to repeat that good decision sometime around here. So successes were had on many fronts (not gaining 5 pounds and having a fantastic trip. Getting home safely was another success.)

The full review of the resort will be coming soon but I can't say when because I need to blog all about it on the computer where the photos are at. #mobilebloggerproblems I would like to say that Sandals Grande Antigua is a fabulous resort, which I will need to revisit ASAP. 


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  1. That is awesome! Way to stay committed even while on vacation. :)


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