Friday, January 16, 2015

Things I'm doing.

Happy Friday friends!

A little selfie action from last nights pack pint run at Red Coyote in Oklahoma City. Come out and run for a free beer if you're here! 

1. I'm currently working on my nutrition or as other bloggers like skinny Meg call it, macros or if it fits your macros or iifym. I'm not doing a good job, yet. 
Not good (today) and it will not get better. 
Good job! That's what I'm working towards. 
2. I bought another item for my beer brewing plans. No pic yet. It's just a box of hops and other ingredients. 
3. I'm using the vitality app from my job to log points. Apparently points can turn into gift cards. Score!
5. I'm using untapped as well. Friend me on there too!
I need to get more into this app. 1 friend is pretty sad! 
6. I'm fasting from Pinterest and the Simpsons game so I can pray and read more. It's a two week fast and I will be back at both when the fast is over. 
7. It's only 77 days until my amazing trip to Sandals! I can't wait!
8. We have a winter heat wave to enjoy some winter biking and running and drinking. I'll partake in all of the above. 
8. I'm blogging on my iPhone and hence no links to skinny Meg, sandals, or any other place. No linking up with other blogs either, or might just post the url. Also I ended up with tons of screen shots. Hopefully that's not too annoying. 
9. Half marathon training will continue with 6 miles tomorrow morning. Woot! Woot!

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