Thursday, October 2, 2014

#esthernorinedesigns and a shoe saga of sorts

So my creativity has fallen short but it's still early. I'm really just trying to take photos of everyday life and trying to find new perspectives. I created the hash tag for my own purposes but anybody could use it. I don't know why you'd use it though. 

The shoe saga continues. I left the other pair in the truck bed because they still smell from stepping in poop. Unfortunately, it rained last night. Now the shoes are wet. I'm attempting to dry them with the truck heater but I may have to resort to the back up - back up pair. Tonight, I'll run the 3 miles with pack pint run and red coyote. Tomorrow will be two miles.'s race day. Sunday will be here in no time. 

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  1. Gooooood Luuuuuck on your race! Thanks for stopping by Perspective!


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