Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Private Island Experience, Part II

Wednesday at Little Deadman's Cay, we had an early morning call from the host. He thought it was a good day to go snorkeling and lobstering. We didn't want to say no and agreed to meet him at the dock. 

The private island comes with this dock and two boats (plus the kayak that we used most of the time). Noel picked us up and headed out to where he planned to hunt for lobster. These critters are also called crawfish and do not have claws like Maine lobsters have. They are just as delicious and melt in your mouth. I have no pictures of the lobsters themselves because I didn't really want to get too close to them. They freaked me out a little.
Crawfish tails

Cooked fresh crawfish

We tried to snorkel on this trip and it just was not very easy. The water was moving at a fast pace and I held onto the boat and did not venture any where. Next time, we will be hiring a guide to take us kayaking because Noel does not know much about it. He's a fisherman and a landscaper besides being host to the island. That's quite typical for life on Long Island. Most everyone has two or three jobs to survive. While that seems like a lot of work, everyone I met was happy and no one complained about living on Long Island.

Thursday, we attempted another kayak trip but it was difficult and we gave up easily. This kayak has no rudder or steering mechanism. Its really difficult to head the course you want and there's lots of extra paddling. We did convince Noel to pick us up and take us to get more beer. We treated him to lunch at Max's Conch Bar. Max's has breadfruit chips, cracked conch, and a fresh conch salad that Max is very proud of. The food is delicious and the staff are friendly. Usually we hang out at the bar with Max and his wife Liz.

I have one more recap of the Private Island Experience and then I will be recapping Sandals Emerald Bay at the Exumas.



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