Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Funny story but not at the time

First I'd like to point out, I did gain 3 pounds on a 2 week and 2 day vacation. Once at home, I cleaned up my eating (mostly.) I've eaten tons of fruit and some salad and I've upped my water intake.

We had finished a lovely dinner at the Travellers Inn in Nassau and then we settled into bed for some shut eye at A Stone's Throw Away in Nassau. I wasn't sleepy, partly because we were on our way to Sandals. (There will be tons of posts about Sandals). As we were falling asleep in our king bed, I heard a very loud buzzing/flapping noise. I started to get terrified because I hate bugs. (I'd love to live in the tropics and so do bugs which causes me all forms of confusion because I don't want to live with bugs. I'm always saying bug when I see one and trying to flee from it.) The buzzing/flapping sound eventually got loud enough that Ryan had to get up and check it out. He pulled back the curtain and saw a large black moth or bat. When he put the curtain down, the critter got up, on top of the curtain rod in front of our veranda door. At the time, he wasn't sure what it was. I wasn't prepared to see what sort of critter it was and I was wisely hiding under the safety of the covers. He got the door opened and attempted to coax the large critter out. Thankfully, it was not a bat. The moth didn't want to go out at first but Ryan used his slipper to push him out. Convincing the moth to go outside took some time and I was whimpering and quietly screaming under the blankets.

I did not snap this photo, it came from an article that said the black witch moth is a sign of good fortune or death. This moth was bigger than my hand, which had Ryan trying to decide if it was a bat or moth. It was fully black and we have no idea how it became our nights visitor. At the time, I was scared out of my mind but the entire week of Sandals we laughed it off as a funny story (just not funny at the time.)

We are going through tons of photos and I can't wait to recap the entire experience! Please come back for more stories and please share any of your funny (maybe not at the time) story with me. I love a good laugh! 

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