Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday

Stepping the scale daily is not healthy for me. Weight naturally fluctuates and I don't need to drive myself nuts trying to micromanage my weight. My friend only weighs in once a month and as I sit here writing this post, that may be the way for me to go as well. I have been doing weekly weighins and I am still noticing a regular fluctuation by about two pounds. Possibly that's not a big deal, especially if my clothes still fit.

For now, I will keep the weekly weighins since I need to monitor my progress. As I have worked towards my goal, I have learned that that maintenance is particularly difficult. My brain is chemically sabotaging me to gain the weight back. I have been at or above 150 twice and over 140 once. I will always need a lazer focus to make sure I don't go back to 150.

For a bonus holiday eating tip, you must continue to count calories the entire holiday season. Counting calories keeps you accountable to what goes in and what you expend with exercise. If you keep a good diary through myfitnesspal.com, you will likely not gain weight. I usually put in breakfast, lunch, snacks, and exercise. My goal is to leave about 400 calories for dinner at the end of the day. I don't usually enter dinner because it is homemade and that's tough to count.

Don't you love all the food photos? I do that to show you how I constantly struggle too. Do you need someone to coach you torwards your weight loss goal? I'd love to help you. I can help you with nutrition and recommendations in the gym. I can constantly encourage you to meet your goals and stick to your plan. 

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