Sunday, November 10, 2013

Make A Difference Monday

Dear friends,
I feel it is my duty to compel you to give. Giving to others in any way you see fit actually helps you. Have you ever gone through a tough time? Have you ever felt stressed out daily? Perhaps that describes where you are today. When you give to others, you open up blessings into your life. First, you will have a general positive feeling towards yourself and that in turn will help to reduce stress.

At my church, Pastor Herbert said, "just do it!" Which made me take stock of my volunteer activities. Currently, I volunteer once a month to moderate the online service, which is a full days task. I have committed to play keyboards for Epic, the Wednesday meeting for high school and junior high students, which is a weekly assignment.

Now comes the question, am I giving enough? The answer is not known and I intend to pray about it. I think perhaps running lights or some other production task once a month could be doable for my schedule. I run into the problem of my husband, who loves God and goes to church with me but does not volunteer. When I am giving at church, he stays at home. I know there is no easy answer but I will continue to seek God's wisdom. 

How do you give? Share your story with me so I can be inspired by you.

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