Monday, June 24, 2013

Travel Tuesday

While in Egypt, we decided a dinner cruise would be fun. In a foreign country, you don't know what to expect. We took a cab to the cruise and boarded. There was plenty of food. I couldn't recognize most of it but I don't recall being hungry. There was live music and belly dancers. I'm not sure what sort of tourists were with us but I'm sure they were not American. The dinner cruise was not a memorable experience and I'm not sure why that was the case. Most experiences were the opposite and very remember able for me.

My recap of the trip is jumping around a bit. We met Mohammad, early into the trip. We were on our way to McDonalds, a tradition we partake in with every international trip (except this trip.) An Egyptian saw us looking towards McDonald's direction. There was a huge crowd of people. He stopped us and started talking. He said he's learning English at the American university and he works at the Hilton. He wanted to know where we were going and we told him McDonald's. "No, you don't want to go there right now. The president is over there and there's too many people. I will take you to this shop where you will get good service." We followed him and he helped us cross several streets. We even crossed to the other side of the Nile. This was when were introduced to Mohammad. He offered Cokes to us and explained all about the tours the concierge will set us up with. Naturally, he had better trips. He had his child go get us lunch and it was the spiciest food I've ever eaten. It tore my insides up and I had to ask for medicine from people who didn't speak English. Besides that, we were intrigued. This was the beginning of two adventures, which I will save for next week.

We had a Bedouin adventure and an Alexandria adventure. Both good stories. Please share your travel stories with me. I love to dream about travel and I love to get out there and see the world. 

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