Monday, June 24, 2013

Make A Difference Monday

 Recently, The COPA Reefers played a private party. The hosts were raising funds for the">The Central Oklahoma Humane Society and were quite successful!

This organization took in animals from Moore, where the big tornado flattened homes and schools. Animals were lost, scared, injured, and displaced. The little sweeties were taken in and fed until they were united with their owners. A friend of mine had his son reunited with his dog. The hosts raised over $1000 and some of that was in gas cards. They use foster homes to are for most of the animals. 

I have a big heart for animals but could not imagine being a foster home for them. How difficult would it be to take a pet into your home, love and care for them, and let them leave? My heart would probably break and I don't have the space for extra pets. I don't have extra money to give or extra space but I'm excited to share this organization with you.

 These two sweeties have stolen my heart and taken over my home. But they pay me back in loads of love. It's a fair deal.





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