Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Egyptian Adventure

After exploring the mall attached to the Hilton, I discovered it was not my kind of mall. If you're from Portland Oregon, Mall 205 comes to mind, Anchorage, Alaska: Sears mall, Westminster Colorado: Westminster mall. Perhaps, you get my drift. The stores were all local merchants selling perfumes, essential oils, and things I was not interested in. We were invited into one store to sip tea and listen to the merchant tell us stories of harvesting the flowers for the essential oils. No thanks. 

Our next trek was to the Egyptian Museum. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside the museum and i followed the rules as usual. I'm not a rule breaker. This museum is busting at the seams with artifacts. Laid out in the grass in front, melting in the sun (not really but it was May and warm), strewn across the floor, and piled high. Most items were not in cases for display, except for the mummy exhibit (ew gross, I did not check that out) and King Tutankhamen, which was ostentatious and seriously cool. That exhibit is traveling and if it comes to your town, check it out. I missed it when we lived in Denver but I figured that's ok since I saw in Cairo. For food, we enjoyed good food at Hard Rock Cafe. It was fantastic and American. Sometimes the comforts of home help one to enjoy a wildly exotic vacation. The Egyptian beers were not memorable in flavor but the recipe is ancient and is made with sand (maybe that's an urban legend.) The price of beer was, at the time, marvelously cheap at bars and even the Hilton. Our adventure continues with the tour of the pyramids, next week. Linking up with Helene for Travel Tuesdays. Please stay tuned for Weight Loss Wednesday. 






  1. pictures are gorgeous! what a neat place!

  2. I think you should take me on your next adventure haha. :)


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