Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Egyptian Adventure

We stayed at the Hilton next to the Egyptian museum in Cairo. It's a gorgeous property uniquely located to the museum and a mall. The mall was very Egyptian and no chain stores. On several occasions we were invited into stores to sip tea and see what they were selling. The Hilton had several restaurants. We started in the main restaurant and ate chicken shawermas. There was a pizza restaurant and a hookah bar. Up on the roof was another restaurant/bar and we enjoyed just the bar. We tried the breakfast buffet and it was too much food and too much money. Our room had a patio with a nice view and there was a nice pool too. The staff was wonderful and everyone spoke English. The food and water was overpriced. We quickly learned about a convenience shop across the street. With the help of Egyptians, we were able to get water when we needed it. Crossing the street is a life threatening proposition but Egyptians are pros at it. The adventure continues next week.

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