Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weight loss Wednesday

Welcome to weight loss Wednesday. I am focusing my energy on healthy weight loss, fitness and nutrition. My first weigh-in since completing the cleanse was a bust. The scale said I lost 0.6 pounds in two weeks. Usually, I can lose a pound a week and I expected to lose more considering the restrictive cleanse I had participated in. Thankfully, my clothes fit better and I am wearing pants that did not fit in January. The scale can't be trusted any longer. I would like to continue weekly weigh-ins to keep track of progress and ensure I'm heading in the correct direction. I will not trust the scale any longer though.

This weeks lunches was a jar of salad with chicken from the deli counter sliced thickly, spinach, artichokes, and low fat Caesar dressing. I paired that with fat free yogurt and snacks of vegetables, fruit, and granola. Dinners have been veggies, brown rice or pasta, and some meat. I will hopefully see a more friendly number on the scale but its steered me wrong before.

I am looking for guest posts for weight loss Wednesday. Please let me know if you'd like to share your story. I'm linking up with Erin and Alex for weigh-in Wednesday.



  1. You're right - the scale definitely can't always be trusted. Have you started taking measurements? Sometimes those can be so much more telling of your progress! You should try it sometime. And I would definitely be interested in guest posting about my weight-loss story! Let me know! Visiting today from the WIW link-up :)

  2. Thats great your clothes fit better...I believe our clothes tell the truth not the scale. I have some before and after photos ready if you want me to post again....Im changing some things on my blog though next week. so maybe in two weeks?

  3. the chicken salad looks GREAT!!!!

  4. "The scale cannot be trusted". Exactly.

  5. You are still doing great, this whole week for me has been shot thanks to random outings lol.

  6. Yeah that scale is a trickster. I try not to focus on the number it gives, but it is such a hard habit to break. That's awesome about the pants fitting again! =)

    Holly at Not Done Growing


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