Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Dear friends,
How important is it to stay positive in good times and bad? How hard is it during trials and tribulations? That's the hardest but those are the moments that matter the most. I have been through tough times and I am sure there are other trials to experience in the future. Being thankful even when you don't "feel" it will help you power through anything.

Today, I am thankful for God's provision. Stand in prayer with me. I will find a perfect home for my family. In the past this daunting task has been overwhelming. I will find a home and think its the best. After moving in, problems arise. I'm praying this time, we will not have problems. After all, this will be our third home in Oklahoma City. I don't want to move again when this new lease is up.

God will provide.

Please stay tuned for high five for Friday.


  1. It is difficult to be strong certain times in our life struggles. These are times when close family and friends hopefully gather close to lean on.

  2. It is definitely difficult but it makes things so much easier to get through if you can be positive.

  3. Yep, stay positive friend! I've got a feeling you'll find the perfect home and be able to stay put for a long time!!


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