Friday, March 15, 2013

High five for Friday

Welcome to high five for Friday! I'm excited to go to the thunder tonight! Woohoo! Thunder up!

My new job has me very busy and I'm smiling about it. I have too much energy for a slow job. I'm still learning the hard way, from mistakes, but I doubt that will ever change.

A little part of me was heart broken this week over the google reader fiasco. Like you, I've used google reader to keep up with my blogs. Like you, I'm switching to bloglovin.

On a separate note, I'm eating salad fruits and veggies all day so I can go nuts at the game! Will I lose weight? The scale will tell me tomorrow. Update will be later. Please stay tuned for silly Saturday!


  1. Esther I am totally out of the loop, Google reader fiasco? would love to know what I have missed out on please.

  2. I "googled" it to see what was going on, thanks!

  3. You WILL lose weight. :) Have a great weekend.


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