Saturday, January 19, 2013

Silly Saturday

Dear friends, welcome to silly Saturday. I like to be silly and let loose. When I worked at a satellite tv provider, I always smiled when a person would ask if they should mash the power button. I would reply, "yes, mash the power button." When I worked at a bank, I would smile at people who asked about the time machine. Somehow ATM is very similar to time machine. Finally, I know the official term is soda pop but to me, its always been pop. So what do you call it? Please comment below. Come back for serious Sunday. I promise, its not very serious.


  1. I have always called it soda, but I was born and raised in Vegas. lol. People everywhere else call it pop or soda pop.

  2. I call it soda but love it when people say, pop! Enjoy that snow and your nails look gorgeous!!!

  3. Great pictures! Love the cat and great nails :)



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