Sunday, December 23, 2012

Serious Sunday: Vent Edition

Welcome to Serious Sunday: Vent Edition.
Please excuse me and my theraputic ramblings.
Writing is a form of therapy, after all.
Hands down, the worst decision I have ever made is to buy a condo in Denver. This is something that I actually regret and I don't usually regret my stupidity. I just learn from it.
I bought it when the housing market was hot and the price was high, too high. (Stupid #1) I couldn't stay in it since the geologist got a job in Oklahoma City but I also couldn't sell it because the bubble burst. (Stupid #2) I found a management company to rent the place for me. They can't seem to keep a decent tenant in there. (Stupid #3) The management company is complaining about the HOA not fixing the stairwell landing and keeping caution tape up around the unit. (Stupid # 4) The current tenant is breaking the lease and causing us to pay court fees. (Stupid #5) I'd go live there again but I just accepted a new job in Oklahoma City that hasn't started yet and the geologist would need to find a job too. (Stupid #6)
Originally, this was purchased to be our home. Now that we can't live there, I don't want it but can't afford to sell it. (Stupid #7) Short sale is not an option either since we have a good credit score and don't want anything to taint our hard work. (Stupid #8)
I loathe every single detail about this debacle. Having to deal with three organizations and tenants that can't keep it together is more than I wanted. Doing all of this from a distance is a major hurdle.
Dear Lord,
Please help me deal with this headache. I need your patience, wisdom, strenth, mercy, grace, and everything else that you have to offer. This test on our finances and patience is wearing us thin and stressing us out. Please help us get through this trying time.
Dear Sweet bloggy friends,
Do you need a place to rent in Denver that is a one bedroom/one bath and has a panoramic view of the Rockies? Please call Echo Summit and help a hapless blogger out.
Thanks for all your encouragement and support!
I need a beer. Please stay tuned for Make a Difference Monday.


  1. Oh no! :( I will keep my ears open if I hear of anyone I know looking for a place in that area.

  2. Sorry about the debacle with the condo! Hope you get that taken care of!


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