Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top Pic Tuesday: Egyptian Style

Cruising through Cairo is no small feat. There's no stop lights. Chaos rules the roads. Trying to get a simple bottle of water was a never ending adventure. Staying at the Hilton meant over priced water. We always chose to buy it elsewhere. Crossing the street required the assistance of at least one Egyptian. Thankfully, we were never hit by any cars.
One day, we decided our adventure should be going to McDonald's. We love checking out the ethnic foods that makes McDonald's special in each country.
Not more than twenty steps from the Hilton, an Egyptian stops us and begins a conversation. He explains that he works at the Hilton and is studying English at the American University. He continues to explain that we should not go to McDonald's because the president is over there and the crowds would be overwhelming. He offers to take us to a different place.
We never knew how to say no the entire time we were in Egypt. So we follow this fellow across the Nile to another fellow's shop (complete opposite direction of McDonald's).
The Hilton employee introduces us and leaves to go to work. Mohammed offers tea and has a little boy run to get us some food. Oh my that food was spicy and not good for my system! While we are sipping Coke from glass bottles, Mohammed describes all these wonderful trips he can take us on. R, my hubby, was quite interested in the Catacombs of Alexandria. Mohammed said, "no problem, I will take you," and we agreed on a fair price.
Alexandria was gorgeous and I have already shared this photo but its worth another share. The seafood was the freshest of the fresh from the ocean and heavenly.
Upon dropping us off at the hotel, Mohammed said, "I like you guys. Come with me to my uncle's house for a nice little party." His uncle is a bedoin and we sat around a bonfire. There were no girls around this bonfire but me. There were no English speakers around this bonfire but me, R, and Mohammed. Everyone was feeding R beer and hashish. I was concerned and held the same beer the entire night. Around 2am, Mohammed wanted to party some more and flagged us the cheapest cab back to the Hilton.
No harm. No foul. Everyone was friendly, hospitable, and generous.
I still don't want to be the only girl sitting around a bonfire with hardly any English speakers.
That was a true adventure.
Thanks to Sara at Life in a Break Down for letting me preview this story on her blog right here.
Please stay tuned for Weight Loss Wednesday.

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