Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weather Saturday

As I am writing this post, there's thunder, lightening, and heavy fat rain outside. I will not be going outside until things start to calm down.

Yesterday, Chomps had a little adventure that I don't want repeated. When hubby came home, Chomps was waiting and crying loudly. As soon as hubby opened the front door, Chomps bolted out into the hallway and started walking around. He was so annoying after that adventure because he wanted out again. Awe, Chompsy, there's dogs that live here too. You don't want to be out in the hall.

I wanted to share a crazy story with you about a windstorm in Anchorage. I couldn't find any good stories to link too because it was a long time ago but Anchorage was declared a disaster zone and FEMA came to help out. It was March 13, 2003 and I had classes in the morning and work afterwards. I bundled up in all my winter gear for the day. I had to take a bus after class to get to my job and the wind was absolutely howling. With wind chill, I was waiting outside in negative temperatures.

I was having a hard time standing up in the wind. Even with all my bundling up, I was shivering and very cold. After work was over, I waited for hubby to pick me up and the wind was still howling! The doors to the mall were opening and closing with all the wind. When hubby got there, I struggled to open the car door. Our home was an apartment in the garden level, and we didn't have any damage. Nothing happened to our car but others were not so lucky. McDonald's sign was blown over. Little puddle jumper planes were blown over. There was over $800,000 in damage. I'm surprised our car was ok.

Apparently, there was another wind storm just about a month ago. These are called wind storms but the intensity is that of a hurricane. And I stood outside for nearly half an hour in this craziness. I should have called in sick.


  1. Sounds like you all could have used a little "Disaster Relief" after that Alaskan storm.

    1. I needed a lot of relief from that day. Looking back on it, standing outside waiting for the bus was not a wise choice. I have tried to learn from these life lessons.


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