Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top pick Tuesday

This is one of my top photos and it turned out to make great post cards.

Dear bloggy friends, If you like any of my photos please let me know which one. I will be happy to send you a hard copy. If you would like to post my photos on your blog, I will happily share. We all love beautiful things and that's why we spend time decorating our homes and dressing in cute outfits. Surrounding ourselves in beauty is a way of creating calm in a stressful world. I believe beauty should be shared. I also think I have some awesome photos. It would be an honor if you agreed with me. 

What is your top pick for Tuesday? Thanks for sharing with me.


  1. beautiful pic! stopping by from the link up and i'm so glad i did! i love your blog by the way! i can't wait to read more! happy tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the comments Cait! I'm glad you enjoy my photos and my blog. I always post at least one picture every day because that's what I like. Happy Tuesday to you too!


I love all comments, questions, and positive feedback. Constructive criticism is questionable. Joking, a little. :)