Thursday, August 2, 2012

High Five for Friday!

These are my top picks for this week.  It's not in chronological order. In fact, it's not in any logical order. I am frustrated with my ipad, the apps, and blogger but I will find a way to work with it.  
I have made my own healthy lunch with the handy compartments. I love all things organized including food. My team took a break to Chelinos for dinner after work. I think the Okie-Mex is not good for my health but very good for my taste buds. The COPA Reefers practiced very hard this week since we have a show Saturday. I am excited to play piano! That's why there's two photo collages from band practice. I also enjoyed my lunch at the Myriad Gardens. It's very soothing to go there even though the temperatures are intense. Let's link up and share more H54F! 

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