Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roof or party deck?

There's live music, energetic conversation, sunny skies. It's a good night to be out at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Yesterday, I listed my top 5 and it was a fun exercise in focusing on the positives of a day. I would like to continue that to today and encourage you to do the same. Staying positive is not easy but it's good for your health.
My top 5 for Thursday:
1: I had a Lara bar for snack, yummy!
2: I shared tips with my coworkers to help with sales.
3: It rained today, so refreshing!
4: I came up with a new career plan.
5: I came to the museum to have a good time.

Feel free to share your top 5 with me or at least write it down. It is a valuable activity.

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I love all comments, questions, and positive feedback. Constructive criticism is questionable. Joking, a little. :)