Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

The weekends rating is Positive.

Friday, my friend came over and we had fun watching tv, playing Yahtzee and having a few drinks. Saturday, I went to another friend’s house. We watched a movie, ate leftovers, and fresh baked brownies. YUM! It was a lot of fun!

As I tried a new church today, I realized that I don’t need church. I need people who love God, who want to have fun with me, and who want to encourage and possibly push me to love others more. We all need people around us to do the very same things. We help each other out and that’s how God created us, relational beings that need to be with others.

I have let relationships fall aside. Possibly for quite stupid reasons. I now ask for forgiveness and if you want to reopen those doors with me, please email me at I welcome opening old friendships and creating new ones. Lets walk life together and try to have some fun too.

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